Max Martucci
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Max Martucci

Youth Branch President

As a young person who couldn’t even vote yet, it was scary staring down the barrel of what could potentially be a future without prospect, created by a government running our nation for the few. So I felt something needed to be done to change our current course.

I have been interested in science and space for as long as I can remember. I developed a keen interest in electric cars when I was 13, which was where I began to see how the government worked. Here was this great innovation that is superior and only getting better, yet our government was blocking its progression at every step of the way. As the years went by, I started looking at climate change and renewable energy. The government didn’t just display inaction in these areas, it was actively pushing against any change. The ties between the government and the fossil fuel industry became obvious and I quickly realised the government wasn’t serving us, it was serving small group of enormously wealthy corporations and individuals. In 2020 I discovered MMT and realised that neoclassical economics which underpins the whole neoliberal ideology had become a firmly entrenched belief on both sides of politics.

When I discovered that TNL followed the MMT framework, I knew they were different from all the other parties, and offered hope of reversing our societal decline. I approached Victor only days after, offering to join the cause with a focus on Australia’s youth. That’s what leads me to where I am today.

I don’t plan on making politics a career. I’m only involved in it because Australia can’t progress as a nation if we keep following the same path we have been on for decades. We can’t do all these wonderful things in space, science, and technology if people are struggling to earn a living wage. Everyone needs a fairer present so we can make a better future.