Steven Hopley

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Steve Hopley

The General Secretary

Senate Candidate for the State of Victoria

I put myself in other people’s shoes for a living. As a writer, actor and theatre maker, holding the mirror up to nature, I’m constantly drawing stories from truth and current affairs, from the people around me, and looking back on the lessons of history. Consequently, I cannot help but believe in reason, education and good government, and be passionate about equal rights, civil rights and human rights. As liberty requires eternal vigilance, so do I believe that democracy is not static but requires constant care and attention to provide society with the best possible outcomes and conditions under which to thrive. An unrepentant Whitlamite, I believe that the building blocks of government require continuous revision and reform, and that good government evolves with the times, rather than allowing itself to be dragged along behind them. I believe that culture defines us, and to that end, have spent a great deal of my working life in arts advocacy, working with various levels of government and arts organizations to increase awareness and participation in the arts. I grew up on the NSW Central Coast, which gives me a unique perspective on the issues facing regional areas: the importance of arts and culture is key, but so too is the protection of our environment, and a sense of local community is essential to our individual and collective well-being. I want to help people – and I believe that, in the end, politics is all about people.