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Dr Katharine Kline

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They say a country should be judged by the way it treats its least fortunate. If that is so, our report card is going to contain a lot of failures. I grew up in Campbelltown and went to an underprivileged and underfunded high school. Then I became a teacher and worked in another underfunded and underprivileged high school. I saw first hand what inequities are to be found in a system not based on need.

Then in mid life I became a doctor and worked in underfunded or wrongly funded hospitals in the city and in the bush. I saw how many people are denied proper health care, in fact how many have next to no health care at all.

Under The New Liberals this will cease. When we recover the hundreds of billions of dollars gouged from the tax system by multinationals, not only not paying their share, but in some cases paying no share at all. So the money will be there to build the sort of strong healthy community Australia should be.

The well being of our nation is dependent on a just and fair government willing to make the tough decisions that achieve a balance between the rights of individuals and the ‘national interest’. We will make those tough decisions, and we will strike the right balance.

We will pursue economic growth yet protect our fragile and unique environment, and our water supply. We will ensure food supply sustainability. We will protect the rights of individuals by entrenching a Bill of Rights into our Constitution. We will protect our sovereignty by becoming a republic. We will protect our security by intelligent defence policies. And we will protect our future by encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of our citizens.