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Professor Melissa Green

Senior Policy Advisor on Mental Health

I am a Professor of Psychiatry (UNSW, Sydney) with expertise in epidemiology, genetics, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental psychopathology. My work has informed the treatment of psychosis and related disorders, and the prevention of mental disorders in children and young people. I have learned that risk and protective factors for mental health and illness operate in complex ways across the life course, beginning even before birth. No one single factor causes mental illness, and every one of us is vulnerable under certain circumstances. I believe that mental health reform in Australia requires integrated policies across health, education, welfare, employment, and housing that should be underpinned by a ‘health in all policies’ approach to address the social determinants of mental health and wellbeing. Increased funding for research and training is required to deliver universally proportionate services and supports to promote the mental health of all Australians.