Vania Holt
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Dr Vania Holt

Senior Policy Advisor on Law, Justice and the Federal ICAC

I have been a solicitor for over ten years. I have worked in the government as a prosecutor, private practice as an employee and in private practice for myself. I have seen law from all sides. I’ve lectured at university and have completed a PhD (Law) on corruption.

The reason I was attracted to working as a prosecutor at the NSWDPP and subsequently researching corruption is that I have a strong sense of justice, ethics and, most importantly, fairness. I firmly believe that the law’s main focus should be protecting the weak from the powerful, and nothing makes me angrier than a person abusing their position of trust or power by abusing the law. The law must be a last resort – hanging as a Sword of Damocles over those who do not abide by it. It is not a weapon to flourish because you have more money than someone else.

Law can and should be an ethical and trustworthy profession. We must work hard so that everyone has access to justice and access to high-quality legal advice. It should no longer be the fact that those who have the deepest pockets win. It should be about the facts and legal points in issue. Law is also about the courage to stand up for what is right when that is the most difficult thing to do. This is the focus I will bring to the position of Senior Policy Advisor to The New Liberals.