Dr Richard Hames
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Dr Richard Hames

Senior Policy Advisor on Foreign Affairs

Founder & Executive Director, Centre for the Future
Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science
Chairman, Asian Foresight Institute

My Vocation:
As a writer, public speaker, adviser, and mentor, I am a pioneer in the field of sense-making. Using immersive visualisation, an extensive network of trusted sources, and proprietary methods of pattern recognition and analysis, I am attempting to make better sense of what is happening in our world.

I have predicted some of the most surprising events of the past few decades, including 9/11 and the 2008 global financial crisis. This has led to my advice being used by governments and corporations to upgrade their thinking and future-proof their policies in the light of changing dynamics.

The Hames Report – Limited Edition provides analysis on all aspects of the future. I am also a regular guest on various media channels in Europe, Australia and Asia, and the author of seven books, including two best sellers – The Management Myth, and The Five Literacies of Global Leadership. My most recent book, published in 2021, is The Unacceptable Gift: Fourteen Insights into Societal Transformation.

My Career:
After an early career encompassing academia and the arts, I was appointed Group Chief Executive to ArtsMedia Inc. in London, where I earned a reputation as a highly effective leader of change through the transformation of an almost bankrupt business into one of Europe’s most dynamic media companies.

As a consultant to Enterprise Australia, I introduced Total Quality Management into Australia and New Zealand, working closely with Dr. W. Edwards Deming. I was also briefly Dean of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, tasked with the relocation of AFTRS from its old site in North Ryde to the Macquarie University campus.

Today I live in Thailand but work on all five continents. I am the founding Executive Director of the Centre for the Future; Honorary President of The Hames Group; Chairman of the Asian Foresight Institute; past President and Chairman of Australia21; and a Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science.

My Impact:
As a strategist I advise institutions, multinational corporations and governments on issues as diverse as public policy, foreign affairs, economic resilience, urban futures, governance, surveillance, resource security and alternative energy. I am a member of various advisory boards and have been a personal mentor to Presidents, Heads of State, and some of the world’s top business leaders, politicians, and celebrity entrepreneurs.

As a foresight practitioner I have examined topics ranging from the future of conflict to the ethics of machine intelligence, nanotechnology in everyday life, financial services, transport networks, urban development, terrorism, taxation, health care, social innovation, power and governance systems, energy and sustainability, food, natural resource management and learning.

I am also a social impact entrepreneur. For example, in 2015 I co-founded MiVote – a radically new model for reinventing democracy, in addition to its commercial spin-off Horizon State, which was voted by The Australian newspaper in February 2018 as 7th out of 100 technologies most likely to change the world.