Here, you’ll find a list of our recent appearances in the media

The New Liberals on MMT, Macron-style populism and being an insurgent party in Australian politics 23.11.2021

Challengers Declare for Federal Poll (page 2) September 2021

The New Liberals: Meet the insurgent Australian party seeking to break the duopoly in Canberra 03.11.2021

New Liberals say PEP11 not a risk anyone should take – Central Coast Community News 29.10.2021

The career highlights, successes and ambitions behind The New Liberals leader’s switch from law to politics 07.10.2021

Mainstream media no friend to The New Liberals 28.09.2021

Steve Keen announces Senate run 24.09.2021

Australia Economist Steve Keen to Run for Parliament, Pursue MMT 23.09.2021

The New Liberals announce election candidate 10.09.2021

The LNP Strike Back at The New Liberals – (who beat their AEC complaint) – and Labor Support them! 27.08.2021

Weekly Times Article 26.08.2021

Australian minor parties revolt against new rules that could bar up to 30 from next election 16.08.2021

Federal electoral reform bills criticised by small parties, green groups and charities 12.08.2021

Christian Porter case being investigated as Government promotes him 10.08.2021

Australia: the New Liberals Are Over Porter

New Liberals to launch private action over ‘credible, believable’ evidence found in Christian Porter rape allegations 04.07.2021

Private Criminal Prosecution to Be Launched Against Christian Porter 02.07.2021

New Liberals, ex-prosecutors assemble legal team to launch private criminal case against Christian Porter 02.07.2021

Christian Porter to be charged with the rape of Katharine Thornton in a private prosecution led by an experienced legal team 01.07.2021

EXCLUSIVE: New Liberals lawyers to take on case against Christian Porter 30.06.2021

Statement given to NSW police raises questions over Christian Porter’s denial of sex with accuser 30.06.2021

Rape dossier release and private criminal charges haunt Porter 29.06.2021

Plans to launch private legal case against Christian Porter 28.06.2021

Political Party Wants Salary Cut for MPs

Wikinews interviews Victor Kline, leader of newly registered The New Liberals party in Australia 16.06.2021

Registration of The New Liberals approved by the Australian Electoral Commission 04.06.2021

New political party wins right to call themselves ‘Liberals’ 03.06.2021

New Liberals’ registration approved despite Liberal party objection over ‘voter confusion’ 03.06.2021

‘Ultra-conservative’: The Liberal Party is far from liberal 17.05.2021

Liberal Party of Australia object to registration of new political party with the Australian Electoral Commission 19.04.2021

Liberal Party seeks to prevent The New Liberals from registering 19.04.2021

Liberal party says rival New Liberals will cause ‘widespread voter confusion’ 16.04.2021

Why the Liberal Party is scrambling to block the progressive New Liberals 16.04.2021

New Liberals leader outlines his party’s politics 26.02.2021

Meet The New Liberals 07.11.2020

Independent Australia news article 11.06.2020

The Beagle ( news article 26.05.2020

Bega District News article 25.05.2020 article 20.05.2020

Bega District News article 20.05.2020

Yass Tribune article 20.05.2020

Daily Mail Online article 18.05.2020