Karen Porter

Eden-Monaro, NSW

As a mum of five, I have been worried about what their future will look like if our country continues in its current way. This is why I have decided to join The New Liberals and run for the Seat of Eden-Monaro. The values of TNL immediately lined up with mine. I know that every candidate is here because they want positive change. They have not entered Politics for their own benefit.

The current Government has their heads in the sand on climate change, they reward large corporations with tax advantages, they have deals under the table with their mates, and the working-class people, including small business owners, are neglected. I am embarrassed on a daily basis by the lack of compassion that the Government shows to minority groups, migrants and our people in general. I am embarrassed by the lack of controls that we have on corruption and that we don’t have an ICAC with teeth to prevent this corruption. I am saddened that Australia has little manufacturing left and that everything is being sold off overseas or is now imported. I am angry that our water is being stolen and that we are not seeing it as a precious resource for our own future. I am angry that we don’t have adequate plans and systems in place to ensure that our farmers in drought are protected from the risk of further droughts and water shortage. There are so many fundamental problems with our country at this present time.

I worked for 22 years in both Local and Federal Government and I have been a successful business owner for 14 years. I have won and judged Telstra Business and Women awards and was named Canberra Business Woman of the Year in 2015. I am currently a Board Director of the Master Builders Association and the President of Bredbo Progress Association. As a woman in construction, I have been a firm advocate for women and for bringing equality to this industry.

I can either sit and complain or I can get up and work on a solution with like-minded people. So here I am. A passionate woman who wants to save our beautiful country and protect the future of my children whom I chose to put on this planet.