Steve Anger

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Steve Anger

Candidate for the seat of Flinders in Victoria

The term the “forgotten people” has never been so pertinent and relevant for the Australian political scene. The Government, the bureaucracy, the corporations and the cyber dictatorship have forgotten humanity and lost sight of community values and individual needs. While spruking platitudes, they simply seek power as an end in itself.

I am the candidate for The New liberals at the next federal election in the seat of Flinders because I have a passion and belief that we can work with our communities to redress the neglect of the last few decades and bring a thoughtful and caring approach to politics. An approach that realises that any country’s best asset is its people. A country that invests in its citizen’s education, health and welfare while taking the urgent action needed for the environment will always succeed.

But success can only really be achieved when the whole population shares in the progress of the nation. No one should be left behind, not the indigenous, not the disabled, the lowly paid, the struggling middle classes or those who rightfully seek asylum on our shores. You are the people who built this country and you are the people who will reclaim the future from a ruling group who has forgotten you.

I was one of 5 children brought up by a single mother with love and courage. Having originally left school at 15 and worked in forestry and the railways, I returned to study and became a lawyer. I have worked for social justice in industrial relations with government, and as a barrister, in criminal justice and refugee law.

I will bring my varied experiences and passion to the Parliament to deliver the change the country so desperately needs.