Ryan Bruce

Candidate for the seat of Aston in Victoria

I find myself frustrated with the state of politics at the moment. I’m sure many of you can relate. There is a complete lack of competence and conscientiousness from the current government. Politicians seem to be able to get away with anything. Ignore the problem long enough and it goes away. Instead of just complaining or waiting for someone else to do something about it, I have decided to join The New Liberals and help create a Wave of Change.

I have worked in education my entire working life. Nine years as a teaching aide and the last few as a primary school teacher. Each classroom is a diverse group of people each with their own wants and needs. Similar to an electorate. Being a teacher is about trying to satisfy all the differences and work towards a common goal. That is the challenge we face today, uniting a diverse population for the common goal.

2020 has taught us that there is the capability to implement any policy no matter how unconventional it seems. No one would have thought a wage subsidy or international border closures would have been a reality in 2020. But there has always been the capability to implement ambitious and complex policies.

We just need the political will and a Wave of Change.