Peter Carter
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Peter Carter

Candidate for the Seat of Fairfax in Queensland

The vision for Australian society that i was imbued with by my family and our peers was derived from five generations of Queensland country life, where everyone was to be given a fair go, where you could live a decent life on not much, where you judged a person not by the colour of their skin or where they came from, but by their actions, to lend assistance to those that were down on their luck or having a ‘bad trot’, I have carried this ethos with me throughout my career in commercial construction, where I have been fortunate enough to live and work in multiple countries and political systems, from the most corrupt to the those that held their peoples’ best interests above those of their own, where national leaders were revered.

Over the course of the past decades I have witnessed from afar, the erosion of Australia’s democratic principles, the demonisation of those less fortunate, entrenched poverty, where middle aged people are being forced to live out of cars – through no fault of their own. All the while seeing our sovereign wealth being rorted and embezzled by plutocrats and corrupt multinationals, actively aided and abetted by a political class that focuses on themselves and their own private personal gain, rather than the peoples they purport to represent. I have experienced this type of endemic corruption in other lands, but never did I expect it to find it entrenched in ours.

I see in The New Liberals an opportunity to combine the ethos of my forebears, modern economic principals for global trade, and the principals of an egalitarian society, ensuring that the benefits of Australia’s sovereign wealth are afforded to all members of our society, not just the few (and certainly not weighted to offshore investment entities), to end the political rorting and corruption of our democratic principals through a robust and transparent federal ICAC. To bring about societal change and ensure that a fair and equitable distribution of wealth is made available to all Australian society.

Please join with me and effect change through the TNL, give your support and help us to implement environmental policies that will enable Australia to pull its own weight in reversing the effects of anthropological climate change. Together let us end the embezzlement of our children’s future.