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Les Stock

Candidate for the seat of Warringah in New South Wales

I have had sixty years to think about and come to this point. During that sixty years I have been learning and growing, I’m still learning and still growing. I have gained an enormous amount of experience and it’s time to give back that experience for others.

I’m a normal person with a normal life. Having arrived in Australia in 1998 from New Zealand, I knew this is where I wanted to call home. But what has happened to this country over the past twenty three years has brought me to a point where I feel that I need to step up. Our country has changed and not for the better.

My working life started out in the military, which was then followed by a successful corporate career in some of our largest companies. More recently I have moved to owning my own small business, and this has given me the unique perspective of both worlds of commerce.

As a family man I am like most people in the community; I deal with trials and tribulations every day, I celebrate our success and help manage our failures. In short I am a normal, no nonsense, let’s get on with it and try and make things better, type of person. The sort of person, I believe, who makes the best parliamentarian.

As the member for Warringah, I would use the vast skills and experiences I have developed throughout my life to make my constituents lives better. I believe it is only through The New Liberals, whose values and philosophies are closely aligned to my own, that I will ensure that we make tangible change in Canberra. The two party system is broken and we are just the right kind of people to breathe new life into that broken system, people just like you.