Kirsti Miller
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Kirsti Miller

Candidate for the seat of Parkes in New South Wales

I am a proud transgender woman, who came out whilst working as the Governor of the Broken Hill Correctional Centre in 2000.

I have seen life from many sides: as the inaugural manager of Australia’s first indigenous specific correctional centre; as a dual international athlete who won the world Aquathon title, as the survivor of gang rape, as a homeless person. But most of all, having lived as both a man and a woman, I believe, has given me an amazingly diverse insight into human nature.
My life experience stands in stark contrast to the over 80% of parliamentarians who now have never had a job outside politics. This makes them unaware of what people need, and in many cases causes them to not even care what people need.

I believe in everybody being given a fair go no matter their sex, gender, sexual identity, religious beliefs, ethnic background or indigenous status, disability or age. I believe every Australian deserves the right not only to survive, but to thrive.

I want to see politicking and class war put behind us. When the Anzacs went overseas, they didn’t go as members of the Liberal Party or members of the Labor Party. They went as Australians. This country has the strength and potential to live out its heritage and fulfil the dreams of the Anzacs and our First Nations People.

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