Kim Prior
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Kim Prior

Candidate for the Seat of Bonner in QLD

For some time I have been concerned at the parlous state of the political landscape in Australia. Recent events have punctuated the lack of leadership and policy direction shown by the incumbent government and exposed the opposition’s inability to call the government to account. Economic development, climate change, foreign policy, trade, taxation, indigenous affairs, women’s advancement, immigration, the need for a federal ICAC, the status of refugees and the COVID crisis are just some of the areas that I feel we have fallen down.

I have worked and owned businesses in engineering and mining for almost all of my professional life. As a woman working in male dominated fields I know all too well the challenges and obstacles that face women on a daily basis in the workplace. As the owner of an SME I understand the challenges of running a business here in Australia and overseas and as the director of mining companies I have a very good handle on the complexities of large scale operations in very challenging environments. I have passionately lobbied all levels of government on behalf of my own and other companies working in overseas jurisdictions in my capacity as the chair of an industry body.

I do strongly believe in the intrinsic value of democracy, the importance of a free market economy and that the scaffolding of social supports provides inherent value to our society – small ‘l’ liberal values, which are reflected in the policies of The New Liberals. It seems to me that the political status quo does not see that good governance and sound economic management can work hand in glove with a more progressive agenda. Climate change policies and economic development are not mutually exclusive, having an agile and mature manufacturing industry should be encouraged, Environmental Social & Governance mining will be vital for the transportation and manufacturing of the future, fair pay and working conditions provide net benefits to our economy & societal structure, providing first class education and health care are the lynchpin of a vital community and should be strengthen not diminished, having a diverse and inclusive population brings innumerable benefits as we have learnt through our history and the list goes on.

My family and I have had a long history in the seat of Bonner, having lived here for many years, with two of our children having gone to school locally, my business being here and my husband having a connection to this area back to the 1800’s when his forebears established a property called Cannon Hill House after which the suburb was named.

I look forward to bringing all my experience and passion to representing the people of Bonner – a new party, a new voice for the constituents and a new direction for our country.