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Karen Porter

Candidate for Snowy Monaro Regional Council

I live in Bredbo NSW and will be running under The New Liberals banner for the upcoming Snowy Monaro Regional Council Elections on 4 September 2021. The New Liberals are bringing back the traditional “small l” liberal values that my own values align with.

I believe that government is there to remove obstacles that prevent individuals from living freely or from fully realizing their potential, while also protecting them from things such as poverty, crime, disease and discrimination.

There are so many layers of control surrounding development, new industries and business support. I am keen to see this change so that we can grow as a Region.

I believe in science and that we need to do more with our climate to protect our future. I would like to see Council form part of the Cities Power Partnerships Program and make decisions based on protecting our land and our people.

We have so many beautiful towns and villages in our shire, that I would like to work with the new team of Councillors to not only provide equity across the shire but to make sure that each of the towns and villages thrive and survive.

As a successful small business owner for over 15 years, I will bring my business acumen to the team and my entrepreneurial spirit. I will also bring 22 years of combined Federal and State public service experience.

As a single mum of 5, I will bring empathy and support to those that need help and will help Council to change the focus to: how can we help you?