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Diane Markantonakis

Candidate for the seat of Banks in New South Wales

What have I done? I was told that if I tried to save the world, I’d be burnt out by 25. But I’ve completed a double degree in Law and Global Studies, worked with the inspirational Human Rights for All, and had my fair share of bitter experiences with refugee and asylum seeker cases in the Federal Circuit Court. But all that’s done is equip me with grit, tenacity and resilience, and strengthen my burning desire to make a change. Refugees, particularly those locked away in mandatory detention, are the most vulnerable people in our community. They need our help.

What do I believe? If you have the tools to create change, use them. And never take liberty for granted. It is a precious gift. Use it to liberate others. Speak up! Step forward!

What is my goal? To work with The New Liberals to make sure that the fundamental human rights to shelter, economic security, refuge and a quality education, are available to all, not just some of the people in our great nation.