Barry Steele

Candidate for the seat of Mackellar in New South Wales

It is my personal view that all people should be able to pursue their dreams or desires. We meet as a community in various forms to fashion the rules for our community. I firmly believe that all voices should be heard; all ideas be reviewed and measured against evidence. Our deliberations should be open and public. The Community is core to this process and decisions should be the result of informed argument. When the evidence changes, so should the decisions.

I take issue with the regular misnomer “taxpayer money”. We are mistaken when we think that by handing back IOUs from the Government, we are somehow funding it. This is the lie that Australians are subjected to. A non-stop force-fed diet of Neo-Liberalism that is damaging the Nation and the World in general. If I can play my part in ending this viscous, failed half-century long experiment, I would be honoured. I’m sick of watching Greedy Lying Bastards paraded as latter-day geniuses.

I have worked since I was 15, with the last 37 years in IT/Computer Science. I have a very deep understanding of the issues we face from the full force of the Information Revolution to the lack of decent internet in Australia. We are very poorly served in Communications Services as a nation. We need urgent actions to address increasing surveillance. There are things that the Nation can do in this area. I look forward to helping develop these plans.

We need to prove to the world and ourselves, that we are a just society. Lying to ourselves about this only compounds the problems. We need to immediately

  • Stop Killing First Nations folk
  • Treat those that seek asylum with the care you would your sister, daughter, mother, father, brother

If, like me, you are not happy with the way things are done, then let’s change it.

I encourage you to vote for real change. I would love to help in that journey and believe I can help Mackellar navigate an uncertain future – but with a New Liberal outlook.