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Anne Matheson

Candidate for the seat of Bradfield in New South Wales

From a self-employed punk fashion designer I reinvented myself to become a marketing manager for top tier fund managers, managing large portfolios of investment products, worth $1.4 bn. I was an expat while working for Microsoft UK and later established and ran a not-for-profit for parents and carers of ADHD children which produced a program of educational events for this poorly understood, un-funded, under-diagnosed, but extremely common learning disability. Concurrently, I cared for the environment, lobbied government, invested in environmental organisations, undertook hands-on Bushcare work and ran a not-for-profit to obtain grants for habitat enhancement.

  • I care deeply for the environment and the animals we share the planet with – they’re undervalued by our economic system, hence the current climate and extinction crisis.
  • I’m passionate about the Arts and Education. Both lift us up, bringing great joy and meaning to life.
  • I care deeply for kids. How we treat them impacts their life outcomes.
  • I care about the elderly, and am appalled at the under funding of aged care.
  • I hate financial waste, and corruption in government.
  • I’m concerned about growing financial inequity in Australia, which causes unnecessary suffering and makes the country less safe for all.
  • I’m very concerned about disinformation, and the manipulation of dialogue via social media and shock jocks. It dangerously divides the country.
  • It’s high time women had equal power in Parliament, because women excel at caring for all.
  • I want to have impact for the better. And with The New Liberals I will.